Friday, February 17, 2006

Documents en français:

Electricité :
  • Le Règlement Général des Installations Electriques (RGIE) : En cours

Documents in english:

Ballistics - Ammunitions Destructive Testing (ADT):
  • Simplifying the administration (version 2)
  • Universal Receivers (version 2)
  • Manometer barrels (coming)
  • Theory on the piezo electric transducers (coming)
  • Study of charges amplifiers (coming)
  • A simple acquisition using National Instruments Labview (foreseen)
  • Unalterable report files, authentication and signature techniques (not disclosed**)
  • Problems with the velocity cells (foreseen)
  • Getting into the CIP list to check compliance (coming)
  • Data structure to comply with Nato/Epvat procedures (foreseen)
  • Supervising barrels and transducer's life (foreseen)
  • New methods for measuring velocity (not disclosed**)
  • ISO 9000 calibration on new velocity gauges (not disclosed**)
  • Gathering information from ERP systems (not disclosed**)

Ballistics - Ammunition Non Destructive Testing (ANDT):

  • Shotshell tube length 100% control (not disclosed**)
  • Primer presence 100% control (not disclosed**)
  • Propellant gauging 100% (not disclosed**)
  • Projectile gauging 100% (not disclosed**)
  • Crimping 100% control (not disclosed**)

** : Items marked "not disclosed" are areas in which I am working with some key customers and partners.